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Shady Oaks School
Preparing Your Child for the Future

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Welcome to Shady Oaks School! We are a warm and inclusive Christian school for children needing a supportive, caring, and individualized program. Call to discuss your child's individual needs and see if we are the right place for your child to grow and learn. Shady Oaks is a school of caring teachers who will help your child experience the excitement of success. We have continuous admissions throughout the year so your child can get academic help without delay. 

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Since 1973, Shady Oaks School has been helping children with learning differences. We are a small school by design, dedicated to educating elementary and middle school age children (ages 7-14) who have faced challenges to academic success. Academically, Shady Oaks School specializes in helping students with reading comprehension, math, science, history, cursive writing, and language arts. We have a student centered philosophy, addressing the individual needs of its students. Our individualized curriculum and instruction have proven to be successful in teaching students with various learning differences and attention disorders. Students are excited about learning, become focused on their goals, and thrive with an increased self-esteem that comes from a feeling of achievement. 

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Admissions & Tuition

Our program is unique because it's completely based on your child's needs.  

Shady Oaks considers for enrollment students who:

  • are age seven to fourteen

  • are in need of remedial help with academics in order to return to a traditional classroom and be successful

  • intelligence scores in the average range

  • may have Dyslexia, processing delays, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder​, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, level 1 (mild). 

Admission is a simple process with a phone call, a parent tour and meeting, and a classroom visit with your child. Your child's visit to the classroom will include the teacher spending time with the student in a relaxed way. After meeting with the student, the teacher and school director discuss a learning plan with the parents.


A classroom size of approximately 10 allows our students to have individual instruction. They are given the opportunity to feel successful while being coached and praised along the way.

Our teachers are trained in multi-sensory approaches to instruction for students with dyslexia. Teachers are available to discuss individual goals with parents throughout the year as your child progresses.

Tuition for 2022-2023 School Year:

$12,000 per year

$350 enrollment deposit

Tuition can be paid in monthly installments of 1,200

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2000 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38016

(901) 737-3355

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